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Ease worries about veganism

Above all things we congratulate you on your decision about bringing your behaviors into conformity with your morals.

You will see how make you stronger day by day that taking control of your life and defend a non-violence word by refusing to make other creatures suffer. Like every path,you can meet with some difficulties in this one, too. We make this website for giving you a back to go through these difficulties. For starters, as human being is a social animal, it is very important for a person to spend time with fellows who have same values like him or her. We call it ‘social support’. If you don’t have any vegan friends, the age we live in has a wonderful quality that put the world together by using the internet. Bearing in mind that veganism is a huge common ground, we would like to remind that like every person, every vegan has a particular characters, different experiences and divergent point of view about the world. We wish you have a nice conversation!

You go vegan but the people around you haven’t gone vegan yet and is this bother you so much? On top of that they cross swords about veganism?It is very common. It is common, in other words…most of the people eat meat, because the majority of people eat meat. The root cause is that simple actually.Great number of vegans, to begin with, can be in a conflict with inner circle. You mustn’t forget that your friends and family members don’t start a day saying that ‘’I wonder which cute animal that I make them suffer today?’’ (Hmm, by saying that we think among them there are no psychopaths and sociopaths.) Purely, conditions we have been born in make us to do things we do now and the awareness that you have today, will create for them in the future. You will see that you improve yourself every single day a bit more about how to influence non-vegans more efficient ways and you will become a vegan that calmer, more effectual and happier who takes a bigger steps to make this world a better place.

Thanks to you, the world is one huge step closer to go vegan,we raise our almond milk a toast to you.

(Translated by Çise Ünal)

If you think that ‘’my concerns are more about things like ‘’protein’’,’’B12’’,’’omega-3’’’’,you can find answers to all the things above in Youtube links in our vegan content page. Pretty soon, we will publish new contents respectively, don’t forget to come back soon…

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