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VEGAN ActıvısM

I realized what I needed to do in my personal life. As I lived and learned that the hardships I used to think about were not actually hardships. Well, what kind of hardship would concern someone who doesn’t want to hurt anyone and has the motivation of a life that is based on this purpose? I see and feel that I liberate, and that  correspondingly I liberalize… I know that I can live without exploiting anyone, I know that it’s not essential, I do live without it. No non-human animal is being captivated, exploited or killed because of me. This is the exact point where I start liberating. The point where I feel liberated as I liberate…But, is the liberation that happens with my transition enough? I may think that I’m constantly included in an activism, by doing what is needed to be done, more precisely by “not doing what I mustn't do” everyday, at home, in the supermarket, at the mall, in a restaurant, in my circle of friends but why would I settle for this when I’m aware that even on my own I have the power and impact of saving thousands of animals who are about to die , all my life? I should be active!

I’m neither more sensitive nor stronger, more privileged… It’s just an awareness, which doesn’t require any special abilities, that I reached by making use of certain opportunities and by showing the willpower of stepping out of the imposed construct. If you are aware, you have a responsibility to take action. I need to be active! 

Yes, no one likes being reminded that they are directly responsible for the suffering and killing of others in the beginning. But, should you stop yourself from expressing that you are against killing living beings, should you be shy about showing this just because they don’t like hearing it? Is it possible for me to stay silent among all these screams? Do I need to apologize for not being silent? I can’t stay silent when the cruelty that billions of non-human sensitive animals are faced with, and  the dreadfulness of the situation speak for themselves. I need to be active!

Being active! Where and how? Everywhere and in every way… At home, at work, on social media, in public places…With numerous options and ways. Without limiting my limits, by extending them. Social awareness movements, rescue activities, witnessing the cruelty in slaughterhouses and farms, making it possible for others to witness the cruelty in those places, visual and written sources, social media, actions that break the current order, rescued animal sanctuaries… All of these are needed, besides all these, the “inaction” that I cause by only “not doing what I mustn't do” is not activism, it’s just an introduction. 


I heard the screams. The screams of billions of sensitive non human animals…


You heard them, too. 

And I can save animals only if I’m active. You can, too.

(Translated by İlayda Yıldız)

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